Laura Gowthorpe
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B2B Growth Marketing

B2B Marketing with a Growth Hacking Mindset


Growth is the sum of small tactical activities that are user focused, experimental and constantly evolving. 

The Growth Hacking concept originated in Silicon Valley.  An approach that agile tech start-ups use across product development and marketing to maximise the size and speed of their growth.

Leveraging my 10 years’ experience in B2B marketing and training and research into growth hacking, inbound marketing and digital advertising, I’ve extracted relevant marketing tactics that can be easily, and cost effectively used in more traditional B2B organisations and developed these into B2B growth marketing packages, each focused on different aspects of digital and content marketing. 

The primary difference between B2B Growth Marketing and traditional approaches is the activity is dynamic and uses automation where possible.  Implemented quickly, amended constantly based on a data for short term results that collectively accumulate to produce tangible growth through marketing activity. 


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